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January Farm Update

Updated: Jan 29

Being the non blogging blogger was not was I envisioned people. I had high hopes to write at least one blog a week but then *life* happens and *time* flies. And poof it's almost been a month with zero farm updates. Oops. Onward and upward. We have a seasonal creek that runs through our property that our dog loves to swim in, yes even in winter. If you squint you'll see a tiny Boston Terrier fetching his frisby, and our giant pile of soil that was recently dumped off for the 2023 growing season.

No longer holding myself to any standard or mental blogging due dates. Hopefully with that, I'll be able to pull up my boot straps and start to freely express and share this journey again. For the reason why I want to document this beautiful mess in the first place, to encourage others to be stewards of the land and enjoy nature. To share the beauty of local seasonal blooms with my community. To cultivate curiosity with our son right in our own backyard. I want to document this journey of our family starting a cut flower farm and sanctuary so we can look back and appreciate how far we have come. Here's Myles in the dump truck with Uncle Kyle. I can honestly say, he has never been happier in his entire life. So cute, I never want to forget this memory!

Isn't it so annoying when you get in your own head and start over thinking everything? You KNOW that little freaking jerk 'self doubt' stopped by for a visit while I was quiet and had me wondering if I was capable of all this. Evaluating how much hard work and TIME this is all going to consistently take, adjusting priorities and learning to say no to things that don't align with my goals. It's been challenging. We propagated two Rainier Cherry Trees pictured below, and I toodled around outside in a flowercrown all day the other weekend. Because I can. Boss always follows me around with a frisby.

Thank god for the Floret Workshop giving the encouragement and focus to knock me back into my senses. Kicked off the year being featured in Fine Gardening Magazine GPOD series. That experience has connected me with so many people, drove hundreds of visitors from all over the world to my website and gave me a boost of confidence and the validation that this is all very real. I felt SEEN! Wow! Working my way through the Workshop has been incredibly intense, setting goals, working them backwards and even creating a vision board. I've never made one and it was really powerful! Even oddly emotional. I have it somewhere I see all the time, and it reminds me to keep pushing forward. Here is my 2023 vision board. No BS and dreaming with my eyes open!

I've been laser focused - working through each and every methodical step. The workshop has me facing things I've been too scared to address as a woman building this business. But damn it feels pretty good to look those goals dead in the eye and claim the victory of even trying. Finding a way to suceed in this industry has been so fun, just learning and pivoting my business along the way. Because it's mine and I have the Freedom to do that you know? The sunrise view pictured below of our backyard from our master bedroom isn't horrible.