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Falling into Winter with Waylon

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

It's been a hot minute since I shared any updates, and let me tell you, the chaos and joy have been in full swing since November 8th when Waylon made his grand entrance.

A couple fun facts, Waylon shares a Birthday with his Great Grandfather George Feller born in 1894, which we all happen to think is pretty neat. It's wild to imagine how different life was back then. Waylon also has a small birth mark on his bum, shaped exactly like a tiny puppy paw print, which we just know for certain was Boss Dog's way of blessing him as he entered this world. We sure miss our companion and wish he was here to keep up with all the madness. What a whirlwind witnessing the end of one life and creating another all in one week!

These past weeks during the short dark days, we’ve been passing time with incredibly cute toddler dance-offs, epic blanket fort construction, baby snuggles, endless diaper changes and keeping up with the unpredictable energy of two little humans. We are right here, in the midst of the beautiful chaos of growing our family from three to four.

This chapter of motherhood? It’s been a wild ride of emotions, a messy house, and endless coffee, but man, is it rewarding. Balancing a newborn and a toddler, some days I feel like Super Woman, and all days end feeling Super Sleepy. Toddlers are arguably the most powerful beings on earth, am I right? Thank God for my Husband taking charge with Myles. They sure have had some fun bonding time when Mom is taking care of Waylon.

In all the moments trapped under a sleeping baby, with a toddler cruising around, my mind wonders to all the things I wish I could accomplish. But then, reality hits—it’s THIS, right here, being with my little ones, that truly matters. The sweet pitter-patter and thumping of little toddler feet, the never ending calls for Mama – I want to soak it all in and appreciate every single fleeting second because they say it goes too fast and I believe them.

Myles absolutely adores his baby bro Waylon. Boops on the nose, kisses on the head—it's adorable beyond compare. Waylon's growing like a freaking weed, outgrowing his newborn gear, and flashing a handsomeness that I can barely handle. Juggling my new role as a Mom of two has been a trip, and turned me into a person I didn’t even know I was qualified to be, and has showed me strengths I didn't even realize I possessed. Let's hear it for parents of little tiny humans, you got this!

During this reflective month of wipin' baby butts and quite literally nursing my tits off, I’ve thought about how I want to show up in this space and share our journey in 2024. I look forward to continuing to share our work here on the farm, our growth, the sweat, and the sweet moments raising our boys here.

I want to document it so we can appreciate where we have been and teach my boys gratitude for hard work. However, I'll be showing up on social media when mom life allows, because carrying around my phone comes last and my boys come first.

I’ll continue to bust my butt to nurture all the beautiful flowers to share with you, and hope you’ll continue to support our journey. If you only knew how long it took me to accomplish writing this blog, you would understand how important it is to focus my energy at this stage of parenthood! But I do look forward to getting back at it, and start to nurture the seeds sown for 2024s abundance.

Here is how we left the field. If you are feeling behind, you are not! I'll get caught up and am not going to sweat it this year, because I'm in the thick of being a Mom of littles, and that's the way it rolls. Just a litttle every day, that's the way!

Here is what you can expect Freedom Flowers to offer in 2024 as I dust off my gardening gloves, break in our new greenhouse and prepare to get my postpartum self back to work. Check out our completed "free" Greenhouse we spruced up.

**Bouquet of the Month Club** The Bouquet of the Month Club is making a comeback! I had so much fun doing this last year for my club members. Our BOTM Club Members receive one Bouquet per month May-October created with the Farms best seasonal blooms. Use WAYLON at checkout to get 10% off if you sign up before the new year. Limited spots so sign up today!

**Happy Valley Road Farmstand & Little Free Seed Library** Farm Fresh Flowers straight from the heart of the farm open seasonally from dusk-dawn. I look forward to restocking the Seed Library during the New Year and trading seeds with ya’ll again soon.

**SnoCo Flower Collective** The SnoCo. Flower Collective was a such a hit, and we're coming back next Summer to slang more blooms and share sustainably grown blooms with our community. Open to public and florists alike, we hope to see you there next year. Learn more at

**DIY Buckets and A La Carte Weddings** Planning an event? Check out our website for DIY flower buckets and info on creating the wedding of your dreams. Submit an inquiry to reserve your date here.

I can't wait to share this next chapter with you. Thanks as always for following along on our flower-filled ride!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Sundby's!

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