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February: One Foot in Front of Another

Updated: Mar 9

February is the border between winter and spring.” — Terri Guillemets

Celebrated my 'independence' day last week, 365 days of living life free from the chains a job that made me miserable. 365 days of working for myself, and things that matter. Never thought it would be financially possible, but with our skills combined and extreme determination we have remained self employed. Momming with my 19mo son Myles, loving my husband, growing food & flowers, baking bread, raising chickens, building community and making house a HOME. Finding my roots and forgetting the rest! It's been the most wholesome, memorable and sincere year of my entire life and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

When I first dove into all this just last March, my sweet friend Haley drew this picture. She recognized how free I was and drew this as a symbol of my liberation. I hold it so dear to my heart! It reminds me about something regarding the Statue of Liberty you may not know. Have you ever looked at her right foot? She is in motion. One foot in front of another. Her right foot is thought to symbolize movement. She is not just standing there. Liberty & Freedoms are not granted to you by standing around like some sort of statue. Lady Liberty is a timely reminder that our freedoms and ideals must never be taken for granted and we must work for them. So that is exactly what I've been doing, working, moving, getting 'er done. We have accomplished a lot, even though it may look like a little. February focused on field prep, seed starting, pruning, and lots of planning. One foot in front of the other, just like Myles.

Wrapping up the Floret Workshop this week and have learned an incredible amount of information which I hope you will see reflected in the bounty and heart I'm giving this season. If you want to support us today sign up for one of our Bouquet Clubs! Buying in advance allows us to plan ahead for our season and gives you the best of the blooms throughout the season. Show us some love! Snowdrops have started popping their sweet little heads up, always a welcomed site in the dead of winter here in the PNW. In no time at all we will be swimming in fragrant daffodils, peony tulips and Italian ranunculus!

Snagged a Illuminati Arch Mockorange 'Philadelphus coronarius' at Sunnyside Nursery with my Mom. We are notorious for lurking local nursery's adding to our perennial collections.

The hellebores are blooming in full swing and it never ceases to amaze me how many blooms can be on just one plant. We have a plant in the yard with over 50 flowers on it! Nature is magic. Change my mind!