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Marching through April & May; Blooms, Babies, and More - A Wild Ride on the Funny Farm

Hey there, flower pals! It's sure been awhile! Remember us? Freedom Flowers, the place where seedlings of love & laughter blossom into stunning bouquets. Nestled right here at our home, in the Pacific Northwest, our funny little farm on Happy Valley Road is the result of a crazy journey over the last few years—a mix of battling melanoma, losing a job, and a strong desire to find freedom in the dirt. Let us never forget that Motherhood, a touch of mental health struggles, and a deeply rooted love for the land led us to this floral adventure.

Buckle up, because we're about to take you through the whirlwind of March, April, and May on our farm, where planting, pregnancy, and a sprinkle of nausea turned our lives upside down!

March: Talk about Digging in the Dirt

As the chill of winter finally loosened its grip, March marked the beginning of a wild dance with Mother Nature. Picture this: Mykel and I, armed with shovels and a can-do attitude, chasing a feral toddler through the fields, prepping the soil and laying down all the woodchip pathways in our new flower field. We are cultivating a space where you can feel the calm of the outdoors, and unwind in nature. And let us tell you, when you're knee-deep in compost, life's troubles somehow seem to melt away. It's therapeutic, it's grounding, and it's what our life here is all about now.

April: It's Raining Seeds (and Baby News!)

Spring showers bring May flowers, right? Well, April showers bring a whole lot more to our farm this year...It's the time when we play Mother Nature, carefully planting thousands of seedlings and tubers that have been nurtured over the months, that will soon burst into a riot of colors. And just when we thought our hands couldn't get any fuller, life threw us a curveball—guess what? We found out we're having our second child! Cue the happy dances mixed with bouts of exhaustion. Sometimes the journey takes an unexpected turn, but hey, we never back down from a challenge at the Sundby Household. We're growing flowers and humans simultaneously—talk about multitasking!

May: Blooms, Bumpin', and Nausea Galore!

May arrives, the baby kicks and so did the morning sickness. We're talking about queasiness that would make even the strongest weak at the knees. Not the best time to get sick in the Flower Farming world, but amidst the IV's for hydration, lots of love and support from our family and community, our fields and lives continue to bloom with resilience. Peonies, ranunculus and fragrant mint fillers show up for their grand debut, and I barely got to enjoy or share as much as I would have hoped. But it's a month of pushing through, nurturing both our growing baby and our beloved blossoms. We might've been on the struggle bus, but we're waving goodbye to the nausea and saying hello to a brighter, more energetic June. Rabbit Rabbit!

Looking Forward to Summer's Sensational Symphony

As June arrives, the anticipation is for real. The long awaited summer extravaganza is about to kick off, and it's going to be a flower-filled fiesta! Get ready for dahlias that could rival fireworks, zinnias that dance in the sunshine, and an explosion of colors that will make your heart skip a beat. If you're looking to stock up on stunning blooms, we've got Bulk Blooms, Bouquet Club Memberships, and Weddings A La Carte for 2023 ready and waiting. Oh, and don't forget to swing by our farm stand on Happy Valley Road during the weekends—it's stocked with heirloom plants, bouquets and more!

Bloom On: Closing Thoughts

We aren't just about pretty petals and stunning arrangements—sometimes life happens not the way you planned, and it's a humbling reminder about what is important. I'm focusing on finding joy in every step of the journey and recalling my why. From battling hardships to growing life within and tending to our fields, I'm learning slowly that laughter, and giving yourself grace are the best companions.

So grateful for our incredible Stanwood community, who supports us through Bulk Bridal Buckets, A La Carte Weddings, and by visiting The Outpost and our very own Little Free Seed Library on Happy Valley Road.

Oh and don't forget about the SnoCo. Flower Collective Market where you can find our blooms, along with other local Flower Farmers on Thursdays 7/27-9/28 from 7-11AM in Historic Downtown Snohomish at Fleurs Creative Studio. Come on by and get to know your local Flower Farmers and give a follow @snocofloco on Instagram.

Here's to embracing the messiness of life, celebrating the little miracles, and continuing to find freedom in the soil - cheers my sweet flower friends.

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