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You Can Buy Yourself Flowers

Are you ready for spring? Winter blues got you down? Did you know that bringing flowers indoors for enjoyment is scientifically proven to increase happiness, comfort and even ease anxiety. Shop now to sign up for one of our Bouquet Clubs and invest in your happiness. Our Bouquet Club members will receive the best of the farms Italian Ranunculus, Peony Tulips, and Fragrant Daffodils in Spring and the best of the Peonies, Dahlias, Zinnias and much more in Summer.


The Story of Freedom Flowers

Tracy Sundby, Floret Workshop Student Class of 2023, SnoCo. Flower Collective Farmer, Mom, Wife, Homemaker and Avant Gardener extraordinaire’ grows heirloom, old fashioned and unique flower varieties on her 2.5 acre property in Stanwood located in the Pacific Northwest of Washington State. Growing flowers, sharing plant knowledge, and seeing beauty from seed to vase brings her immense gratification. Visit the seasonal Little Free Seed Library and Flower Stand on Happy Valley Road in Snohomish County to purchase seasonal blooms or swap seeds. Inquire about hosting a private Flower Crown Playshop, Bulk Blooms or Weddings  A La Carte for 2023. 

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2824 196th St NW, Stanwood, WA, USA


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