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First Blog; Letting Freedom Bloom

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Hi Fellow Flower Loving Pals. Welcome to my personal blog, it's a tool I'll be using to document The Sundby's journey starting a flower farm, being a Mom, fighting cancer and whatever life throws at us in between.

I hope it helps to hold me accountable on the days it seems impossible and ends up just being a fun supportive kick-ass place to uplift eachother when life gets all "lifey" on us.

I believe some Women get stuck at a crossroad and need more empowerment to chase their wild and craziest dreams. Take it from me, I worked in corporate America for a covert narcissist for half my life putting up with mental abuse for too long, got fired and in the process of healing ended up starting a flower farm - all while learning how to be a new Mom.

Possibilities started flying at me, I met people I never thought in a million years I would have an opportunity to stand in the same room with. Supportive people trusted my evolving abilities. The flowers always found homes. I have no clue what I'm doing (okay I kinda do!) but I'm learning more everyday and investing in myself-after years of putting her aside. I hope that maybe, I can provide that spark if inspiration inside you. Most people never tap fully into their potential. I challenge you to think about that. What limiting beliefs are getting in your way from tapping into the most beautiful vibrant version of yourself?

This week has been so full of personal growth that was absolutely necessary to prepare my mind body and soul for what is to come with this business. Sharing the beautiful movement of seasonal flowers with my community is what I am meant to do. Right here in little old Stanwood, Washington in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, the community I was born and raised in and love so much. I dug deep and said "Why not me." I am claiming the victory to become a flower farmer. I'm letting going of the things that no longer serve me, chucking limiting beliefs out the window, letting go of weight I've been carrying physically/metaphorically for years and finding my true authenticity. Wow does it feel good!

Have you heard the story of David and the Giant? [1 Samuel 17:1-50] It feels appropriate for my personal growth right now and a reminder how important it is to stand up, even when you feel like you are small. We are powerful human beings, but only when we tap into it.

One day, a boy called David went to see his brothers. They were fighting a war. One of the enemy soldiers was as big as a giant. His name was Goliath. Everyone was afraid of him.

"I'll fight him." said David.

Everybody laughed because David was so small. David prayed to God, and then he took out his sling and threw a tiny stone.

The giant fell to the ground with a loud thud! David's brothers and the other soldiers cheered.

God helped David even though he was small. God will help you too!

Thank you God, for helping me--even though I am small!

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