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Letting the Glitter Back in

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

It used to be a hard no from me on Glitter. When applying you must submit to powerlessness over where it will travel, and may pay the price for weeks to come. Sometimes referred as the 'herpes of arts and crafts' -- I just could not with the glitter. Not anymore my friends. I am calling all glitter back into my life. Surrounding myself with people who aren't afraid to sparkle and applying all the glitter wherever possible. I want to be around creative humans discovering their brilliance and support others to find their inner glitter too. No more of this dim your light "I'm scared of glitter" bullshit. Nope, not anymore people, this last weekend I busted out the sparkle for a special project.

Check out these beautiful evergreen based centerpieces I created for a company holiday party. OMG SYKES, a cannabis grower out of Snohomish, WA knows how to throw it down for their employees for Christmas. The owners John and Iris and are such kind hearted people. Iris made me enough spring rolls for a life time - I'll arrange flowers for her ANY day of the week. I'll tell you how I made these cost effective Christmas table arrangements here if you want to try to make your own.

Started with a simple eco-friendly mesh of chicken wire to hold the evergreens since they are heavier. All the greenery was foraged from our farm here in Stanwood and down the street at my parents in Seven Lakes. They have a copious selection of evergreens, mature shrubs and rare plant treasures. My plant loving mother has made many trips to the nursery's over the years since moving there in the 1980s, selecting plants that double as eye-catching landscape and fulfill her love of making seasonal arrangements. Decided a pop of glitter from Hobby Lobby was absolutely necessary because, you know, I use glitter now, and just a few blooms to finish them off from Cascade Floral in Everett. Cascade Floral is a local wholesaler who also owns Stadium Flowers on Broadway Ave. They do offer retail now for a higher price tag, but you could also pick up anything of the like at either Trader Joe's or the grocery store!

Let's talk ingredients: