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Finding My Tribe

“Your small support could accomplish a big dream.”

– Mohammad Rishad Sakhi

Wow - Thank you for the support on this new journey! It sure was unnerving letting the cat out of the bag that we have 'lost our minds' to start a Flower Farm & share Freedom Flowers with you. Then on top of that, to finally talk openly about surviving years of mental abuse in a toxic work environment and receive a total outpouring of love, more than you even know what to do with? Geez Louise, ya'll got me feeling like Julie Andrews singing four-octaves and dancing freely in the Alps. This is the part where Tracy finds her tribe. This is the part where Tracy is free.

It seems as though I've located my support system, the people who are here for this flower filled journey and more of you are finding me every day! You guys are the pillars of support propelling me forward and the foundation of people that are making me believe in myself. Your support is making this small dream come to life, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Once you call into your life what you want, it is truly incredible what will follow. I feel so much excitement about this next chapter, have so many ideas buzzing around in my head and am absolutely fueled with creative passion to push on. Nothing can stop me! More to come this week on a fun project I had the honor of working on this weekend, and a round-up on my Melanoma since quite a few of you have asked. For now, I just wanted to "pop on here" (I can say that now, because I'm a blogger you know) and say that I appreciate a lot!

Supportive people are my favorite kind of people so would you please do me a favor? Think of three good-hearted people you know that own their own small business, and support them. I guarantee they will do the "small business happy dance" just like me!

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